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We offer information and advertising space with additional function. Through the integrated photovoltaic systems our units produce energy, which is directly or indirectly provided free of charge.

The basic idea is simple: Our information and advertising space is more than just an end in itself. We offer a special service through the use of solar energy! And of course, the built-in battery offers the service even on days without sunshine.

All devices can be branded in full or just partially.They draw attention, because they are more than simply an advertising space. By using solar energy trademarks become a sustainable, environmentally friendly and service-oriented experience.

We started with our bicycle pump station and currently are working to develop an eBike charger.Other projects include a charging station for cell phones at festivals, a video feedback box and a pump station for inflatable boats. More ideas are currently being tested for their feasibility, developed – and produced. Gladly also in cooperation with you!




As the first device in mass production, we offer a bicycle pump station. These columns are equipped with bike stands, a flexible hose equipped with a multi valve head and a pressure gauge. The devices can be adapted to conditions at the site: First, the solar panels are independently adjustable towards the sun regardless of the position of the operating instruments. Secondly, the bike racks with a maximum capacity of 4 pieces (one per side) can be adjusted to the the space conditions of the site.

The devices can be installed anywhere outdoors and do not require any additional connetions as they are independently powered by solar energy. We offer safe and durable installation solutions for any kind of underground.

The units are CE certified. We offer a warranty of 24 months, only wear parts are excluded. Other products are currently being developed and tested by us in collaboration with an engineering firm. For the implementation of other individual ideas, we welcome your inquiries.




Potential  installation sites should be exposed to direct sunlight for at least four hours a day.This is also necessary in winter months, if the devices are supposed to provide enough power during this time. The capacity of the devices is reduced in areas with shadows from buildings or trees. We are happy to advise you on the "solar" suitability of your desired location.

We assist you in obtaining permits for the installation of the devices in public spaces. If you would like to  check in advance whether a potential installation site is feasible, we are happy to assist with useful tips and technical data.

For the anchor / installation, we offer the appropriate solutions. A photograph of the site and a short telephone call is usually sufficient.



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Maintenance of the equipment is provided within 5 business days. We are currently building a service network that will provide an even faster service. You will receive our hourly rates for installation and travel to the installation site included in your personal offer.

The stations have been tested extensively and require only a minimum of maintenance. All components and wear parts can be replaced easily and quickly - in most cases by the local contact person, which will make it unnecessary for us to travel to the location and will reduce unnecessary costs.

We also offer fixed maintenance packages. Damage caused by vandalism is excluded.





Our equipment - our design. This is how we prefer to operate. We design the outer case to your specifications. We have many years of experience in the implementation of corporate designs to promotional events and objects.

For a layout we need from you: information about the site, printable logo and image data, all texts, fonts (if required) and the Design Manual (if available).

If you want to create the design yourself, we will provide you with the necessary templates.

For the production of the branding, we are cooperating closely with our experienced partner companies.



In order to obtain a permit and to plan for the site, you can download our technical data sheet for the bike station.

In order to create a layout, you can find the appropriate template for the bike station here. The measurements can be found on the technical data sheet.

Here is a list of the individual modules, which are replaceable at the bike station.



We welcome any news coverage. You can contact us for an appointment or request information by phone or email.

We are happy to provide high resolution images of the bike station.


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Generally, all concepts and their implementation are protected by copyright. Additionally, our bike stations are in various forms and designs subject to the protection of the German Patent and Trademark Office.



We will gladly work with you to create individual concepts and offers.

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